Quirky thoughts from Sweet Lorraine. <3

13 Aug
In honor of Lorraine’s birthday (which was on Saturday), I have decided to dedicate a post of the sh*t she says to me on a daily basis. Happy Monday. Hope you followers don’t have the case of the Mondays like I am, Blah!
  • “All these damn old ladies need to get a bra that lifts. I just don’t understand why they want their boobs to be hanging.” She then showed me her bra which she paid “good money for.” After telling her it was “nice,” she stated she buys a  good bra that “lifts and separates.”
  • “How do you expect to get married if you can’t cook?” – L
We all know that I have had baby fever for a while now…And this advice is what I got from her….
“Don’t you ever have a baby out of wedlock.” – L
“What will happen if I do?” – Me
“I will beat the shit out of you.” – L
  • “Don’t do sex with someone just met met….Wait.” – L
  • “The girl needs to lose 10-15lbs; she’s chubby.”  – L (in regards to her grandson’s girlfriend…and I am sure she is not fat at all).
  • “I like it when your hair is pulled back…You can see your pretty face. When your hair is down and in front of your face, you look like an old lady…I’m blunt, do you love it? – L
  •  “Shut your mouth or I am going to beat you….with love.” – L
  • L pointed to a Liam Hemsworth poster that I have hanging up on a door and asked me if that was my boyfriend. When I said he was not and that he was an actor, she shrugged her shoulders and told me I should date him anyways because “he’s cute.” 
 PICS: See New Hunger Games Posters!
( ^This is the exact poster I have of Liam in my office courtesy
of my boss’s teenage daughter, holla!)

2 Responses to “Quirky thoughts from Sweet Lorraine. <3”

  1. Meghan (@megAYCHan) August 13, 2012 at 1:10 pm #

    Anytime I threaten someone, I’m just going to add “….with love” to threats. I love Lorraine. Send me her address so I can snail mail her a belated embroidered birthday card!

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