Toatally Eggscellent Oatmeal Recipe

17 May

I eat oatmeal about 4-5 days a week. Approximately one day a week I indulge in Toatally Eggscellent Oatmeal. Mmmm…!

Oatmeal, my oatmeal – how our relationship has progressed over the years. I remember being a young girl, staring at the bland chunk-o-meal mom would give me to break the fast. Adding a cup of milk and large clumps of brown sugar allowed my little tastebuds to tolerate many breakfasts. It was not until my college years when I explored beyond sugar and milk. Mmmmm…Honey. Raisins. Peanut butter. Dried Fruit. Fresh Fruit. Cinnamon. Nutmeg. The possibilities were endless. Yes, I learned to add many delicious ingredients to spice up my oatmeal, but the preparation always remained the same: Always boiled. Always on the stove top.

Over the years I have encountered some recipes from friends, family, and strangers. Yes, I have researched oatmeal recipes. I have finally concocted a recipe that is so decedent I blush when I eat it. Kind of kidding. But not really kidding. I do not mean to set the expectation bar so high, but it is pretty damn good. And today I’m going to share that recipe with you. It is going to be toatally awesome.

Now, when I decide which type of oatmeal I want – I base it off of two things: time and my plans for the day. Ha. Like I’ve said to many friends & family, steel cut oats rip through me like a tornado. They also keep me super full, so I typically make them when I am going to be working a 12 hour shift. Steel cut oats also take a lot longer to cook than quick oats, so cooker beware. Steel cut oats also require more chewing than quick oats, which makes me very happy. I love to chew. The nice thing about quick oats is that they’re quick, easily digestible, and get “fluffier” from the egg whites than steel cut oats. So, there ya have it. How I rationalize which type of oats I’m going to make.

Toatally Eggscellent Oats

Attached is the recipe that is in my recipe binder. Step 10: Enjoy!



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