Despite what people may think, you are never too old to be a boy band fan.

7 May
Growing up, I was a hard core boy band fan/freak. My bedroom walls were plastered (literally plastered) with Hanson, *Nsync, O-Town, and even a little BSB. So when I heard about this new and upcoming British boy band, One Direction, I needed to investigate what this hype was all about. Naturally, I decided to watch their latest hit video “What Makes you Beautiful” at work when Lorraine stopped in to see what I was doing. Without saying a word to me and without any hesitation, she drops her grocery (paper) bag containing bananas, frozen vegetables, and salad dressing and starts to dance and hum to the song….Like hard core dancing. Once she was done getting her jive on, she asked me who the “hell that was.” When I told her she was dancing to a boy band, her eyes got big, she shook her head and simply stated “Ah, shit” and walked out of my office.
As much as I think Harry is adorable, I feel I am over boy bands. But let me tell you, if *NSync were to ever reunite for a tour, you bet your sweet ass I would be there. Enjoy the video that Lorraine danced too.
– Me.

One Response to “Despite what people may think, you are never too old to be a boy band fan.”

  1. Meghan (@megAYCHan) May 7, 2012 at 10:20 pm #

    Two major differences between boy bands in the 2000s vs. today:
    1. Where is the token ugly band member?
    2. Where’s the choreographed dance moves?

    The tune was catchy and I, too, danced a bit.

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