Quarter Life Triumph

2 May

Yesterday was my (ahem, our) 26th birthday.  The day after celebrating the big day with Meghan, I was not only able to reflect on my quarter life living upon this earth, but also on this past year.

My 25th year was an epic year at that; I have changed as a person in a short period of time through personal experiences, rekindling old and making new friendships, and basically living life with a whole new mindset.  I have grown to be much wiser through personal failures and triumphs.  I gained back my health and self-confidence, for which I lost in the previous years.   One specific battle was removing a toxin from my life, a person who I once fell in and out of love with, and realized that his past of dishonesty and hurt was simply a mistake now learned.  I now listen and sought for the aid of others when in need.

When the worse enters our lives, valuable lessons are learned.  This summer, I felt sorrow for a loss of a friend, a person who left us too soon.  Through this ache, I grew perspective on life, and appreciated the strength of another, a best friend who is now widowed, witnessing her courage to continue to live a full life despite her critics.

I have became more open to new ideas and things, as well as explored areas that I was once not comfortable with, specifically regarding personal relationships, political controversies, and faith.  I finally feel as if I am my more authentic self. Although I may not have everything figured out yet, this year has been huge in my personal and professional growth.  At 26 years young, I feel as if I am starting to figure life out.

Contrary to my belief, I had a quarter-life triumph instead of a crisis.



One Response to “Quarter Life Triumph”

  1. glitzandblitz906 May 4, 2012 at 12:33 am #

    Beautifully written, youngest.

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