Reel Time with Middlest

1 May

I love movies. “Attend an Independent Film Festival” and “Watch All ‘Best Picture’ Nominees Before the Oscars” are on my “List O’ Things To Do After I Graduate” list. I do not attend the theatre very often because it’s a rip-off, but Netflix and Blockbuster 5 for $20 deals have treated me well in giving me a film fix when needed.

Although I adore reading, I like when my imagination can take a break from a story. And who doesn’t love the excitement from reading a book before the movie adaptation comes out? Seeing how my imagination differs from the movie is an awesome experience. And yes, the movie isn’t going to cover the book in its entirety – and that’s what I love about movies! It’s a different perception to a story I’m already familiar with. If I wanted to experience the same story twice, then I’ll just read the book again. CTFD, book-to-movie adaptation haters. Anyway, my preferred genres: documentaries, independent, romance, suspense, action, period pieces, and classic/oldies.

There are times I get made fun of for not watching a lot of flicks that are deemed “must-sees” and “so funny & incredible”. Welp, you probably haven’t seen a lot of movies that I consider fantastic. Although, my blank stares when someone asks if I’ve seen a specific movie tends to be…well, very embarrassing at times. Anyway, I would consider many of my movie choices as quirky, off-stream, and very loveable. Don’t get me wrong, I love popular films – and there will be plenty of those listed. And since I love lists and organization, they will be in alphabetical order. Oh, yes. So organized. And if you read my latest posting, you know I enjoy life in the slow lane – so this blog series will probably last a reel long time. Ha. Reel. Still can’t resist overusing that wordplay.

And the only way to eat popcorn is homemade. I don’t know what society was thinking when they deemed throwing kernels, salt [and pepper if you’re a Glitz&Blitz Twin], and oil in a popcorn maker was less convenient than burning popcorn in the microwave. But to each their own, just keep your non-perishable popcorn to yo’self Mr. Redenbacher.



3 Responses to “Reel Time with Middlest”

  1. Maggie May 2, 2012 at 1:09 pm #

    I don’t know what CTFD means, but I think I like it. I also heart documentaries. We’re weird, who cares. Not me.

    • Ali Champeau May 2, 2012 at 1:21 pm #

      CTFD = Calm the Fuck Down.

      • Maggie May 2, 2012 at 10:24 pm #

        Thank you Ali! Once I saw the ‘F’ I knew I’d like it. =)

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